What's it about?

The biggest catastrophe in women’s health is taking place right before our eyes. Healthy women all over the world have been disfigured and brainwashed into believing that their beautiful nurturing breasts have only one objective... to kill them.


Exposing the truth about the Routine Breast Screening Program.


“This film is magnificent. And of course, I have known all this and written about it for many years. Bravo!!! And I will get the word out as widely as possible. Bless you!!! PS– Love that this is from the UK and NOT the USA.” Dr. Christiane Northrup

Well done! This film gives substance and evidence to the suspicions of risk that has been evident for so many years. Another scandal supported by the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies.

– B Barrow

A very interesting and knowledgeable film, which makes you very aware of breast cancer and what is right for your body. Well done.

– Mollie Clarke

Wow fantastic, good film, factual and needs promoting.

– Russ Evans